Sunday, 6 April 2014

Further guidance for Evaluation - Refer to your investigation throughout!

•Summarise your research into five sentences.
•Each sentence becomes your topic sentence for five paragraphs.
•In your paragraphs, explain exactly where you have applied what you have learned (specific shots/use of language etc.)
•Refer to facts and figures, where you can.  Also refer to media theory, if relevant.
•If you have subverted your research – you must explain WHY, especially if you’ve only subverted it in places (e.g. I wanted the text to resemble the ____ genre through its use of iconography, but I didn’t want to follow all of its negative stereotypes).


My research informed me that men dominate the action genre, with over three quarters of action films featuring a male lead (source needed).  This supports notions of hegemonic masculinity and reinforces a culture where “men act and women appear” (Berger, 1972).  I decided to replicate this in my film poster by choosing a male action lead and placing him in the centre of the image, which connotes his importance.  The gun in his hand signifies that he is a man of action, who takes control, reinforcing this notion of hegemonic masculinity.  The blurb on the DVD sleeve furthers these ideas.  My character’s name – Sam Steel – connotes something cold, hard and dangerous (steel signifying a blade).  The blurb places Sam at the centre of the narrative, where he has to take revenge for the death of his wife. 

    I found that women were often depicted as victims in action films.  For instance.... Therefore, the only female characters in my film....

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