Wednesday, 2 April 2014

MS3 - Evaluation: Guidance

  • Refer to your 'Research Investigation' and how it has informed your production choices - Within my Research Investigation I examined ........ and the issue of........I discovered that.......
  • Show an awareness of your audience needs - mode of address/age/gender/representation etc - what form? (teaser poster/full promo poster/CD cover/Magazine/trailer)
  • Use media language throughout - genre/conventions/representations/image/connotation/mode of address/masthead/colour palette/enigma codes
  • Refer to media theory when applicable - Mulvey/Uses & Grats/audience gratification/representation
  • Highlight key strengths of the production
  • Highlight any weaknesses of the production
  • Refer to, describe and make direct statements concerning your production texts
  • Include images of your production texts within your evaluation (750 words)

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