Thursday, 29 August 2013

A2 Media Enrolment Task - To Be Completed for First Lesson

Begin your Research Investigation by constructing a question and outlining your area of study (including which theories you will be applying) in an opening paragraph. The question should revolve around 2 texts and have a key issue to focus upon within your question (either genre, narrative or representation).

Also make a note of the resources you intend to use in preparation for a bibliography.

Sample Question/First Paragraph

How are women represented in contemporary advertisements, paying particular attention to Tom Ford and Dior campaigns?

The representation of women differs significantly within advertising, and through various theories, I will explore this. Different aspirations are exposed to the public life influencing how women should act or how they are supposed to be viewed in reality. The two adverts that I am analysing represent women in two completely different ways, in Tom Fords advertisement women are shown in a very controversial and objectified way to sell their product to their target audience, who are mainly men. In Dior’s advertisement women transmit an image as wealthy and inspirational, which prominent ideology which is influential to women to buy their product. I will be applying specific theories such as Laura Mulvey’s  theory of 'the male gaze' and possibly the objectification of women and their stereotypical gender roles. Also I will explore the Hypodermic Model, paying particular attention to advertising campaigns such as Tom Ford’s “Ford for Men” [2] and Dior’s “Miss Dior Cherie” advertisements. [1] (see appendix [1] and [2]) 

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