Friday, 10 October 2014

Degree Level Option @ King Edward VI

As you are currently considering your future or applying for University Courses, then you need to be aware that there is now an option available for students to study for a Degree Level Course in Creative Media Production at KIng Edward VI.   

The course contains 8 Units, with a heavy emphasis upon developing practical skills that can be used in a Media/Film working environment.   
• Contextual Studies for Creative Media Production
• Research Techniques for Creative Media Production
• Practical Skills for Moving Image Production
• Film Studies 
• Development and Techniques of Film and Video Editing
• Promotional Video Production
• Camera & Lighting Techniques for Moving Image Production
          • Music Video Production

The course can either be taken as the 1st year of a Degree course, then completed at University for 2nd and 3rd year, or a stand alone HNC qualification.

For further details visit regarding course content. Or ask any member of the Film/Media/Photography staff for further information.

See Student Work: Here

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