Sunday, 27 October 2013

Research Investigation: Guidance & Deadline 

Candidates are required to undertake an individual investigation into a specific area of study focused on one of the following concepts: genre, narrative or representation.
This MUST involve RESEARCH which draws upon a range of both primary and secondary sources. Reference approximately 15-20 sources!!!! - not just the internet.
Primary resources
Detailed Scene/Image/lyrical analysis. For example of detailed primary analysis would be the James Bond scene we analysed in class in regards to representation of females.
Secondary resources
Academic books, online research, magazines, documentaries , Media Theory,
You are not the first people to write about these issues. Read, it will inform your own views and give you content you may not have considered. Remember to quote to demonstrate your research. Also ensure you use the information you have read and apply it to your own texts, your specific question. That could be done in your commentary about the quotations. It could back up a statement you have made. Make sure the theories you have chosen help in answering your question.
Media Terminology
Ensure you use the correct terminology/language at any appropriate opportunity
Make sure any quotations or references used in your investigation are numbered chronologically.
For example. “quote” (1)  Then within your bibliography you will write;
For Books
Surname, initial,  year, book title, publisher
Surname, initial, year, web address
Text (film, music video, song, scene)
Title, type of media, director, specific time and duration. You can include images/screen shots within the content section of your essay to help explain your points.
Word Count 1800 words

1 Page Draft Deadline 25/10/13

Research Investigation: Mark Scheme (Grade A-C)

*To achieve the highest grade WIDE RESEARCH 'MUST' be undertaken*

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