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Sample: Question/Opening Paragraph/Bibliography

To make sure that your Research Investigation includes referencing and a clear bibliography here are some sample extracts to use as a  guide. (they are all from different projects)

Sample Question/First Paragraph

How are women represented in contemporary advertisements, paying particular attention to Tom Ford and Dior campaigns?

The representation of women differs significantly within advertising, and through various theories, I will explore this. Different aspirations are exposed to the public life influencing how women should act or how they are supposed to be viewed in reality. The two adverts that I am analysing represent women in two completely different ways, in Tom Fords advertisement women are shown in a very controversial and objectified way to sell their product to their target audience, who are mainly men. In Dior’s advertisement women transmit an image as wealthy and inspirational, which prominent ideology which is influential to women to buy their product. I will be applying specific theories such as Laura Mulvey’s  theory of 'the male gaze' and possibly the objectification of women and their stereotypical gender roles. Also I will explore the Hypodermic Model, paying particular attention to advertising campaigns such as Tom Ford’s “Ford for Men” [2] and Dior’s “Miss Dior Cherie” advertisements. [1] (see appendix [1] and [2]) 

Sample Paragraph

In ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ (1) directed by Simon West, there is a strong female protagonist; the film is based on the adventures of an archaeologist originally depicted in a series of video games, which gave teenage boys the power to control a beautiful woman and alter camera shots which depicted her. Croft’s character is described as “a beautiful, intelligent and athletic archaeologist-adventurer” (13). There is a clear differentiation from ‘Alien’ (2) here, as Ripley’s character was originally written as a man, the character of Lara Croft is most definitely a woman and this is clearly demonstrated throughout the film; in particular the fact that Croft is supposed to be seen as a powerful but sexualised woman is demonstrated through the use of camera angles. “Lara is super strong, invincibly strong. But also stunningly beautiful, unbelievably beautiful. This combination has characterised film heroines since the 1990s.” (14) Within ‘Tomb Raider’ (1) a large number of camera shots focus on Croft’s chest and thighs- this is where her guns are strapped so every time she uses them the camera focuses here. An example would be in the opening scenes of the film in which Croft fights a robot in a training scene, there is a five second close-up shot of Croft’s thighs. This objectifying of the character is clearly shown on advertising for the film. (Appendix 2) Laura Mulvey’s Theory of the Male Gaze, suggests some “films objectify women in relation to ‘the controlling male gaze’, presenting ‘woman as image’ (or ‘spectacle’) and man as ‘bearer of the look’. Men do the looking; women are there to be looked at.” (5) This would suggest that the character of Croft is simply there for male pleasure rather than alter gender stereotypes; demonstrated in the opening fight scene in which the camera focuses on her breasts, legs and bottom, Croft is noticeably portrayed as a sex symbol.

Sample Bibliography


[1] The Black Swan (2010)

[2] The Kings Speech (2010)

[6] MediaMagazine 6th December 2003
‘Entertaining madness-representations of mental illness on screen’

[8] Oxford Dictionary

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